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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know
 The team at Park City Nordic Betties has compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.  
What is the Difference between Classic Skiing and Skate Skiing?

Classic Skiing was developed first and is a parallel motion that looks similar to walking, but you are gliding on your skis. Skate Skiing is a diagonal motion that looks very similar to ice-skating. 


Do I need my own gear? 

Yes. If you are renting gear, make sure to specify whether you are skate skiing or classic skiing.  Having some knowledge on how gear should fit will help you ensure you rent the correct gear.


Is Skate Equipment different than Classic Equipment?

Yes. Skate gear is entirely different than classic gear. The boots, skis and poles are not the same.  

The entire base of a skate ski is smooth for gliding. The base of classic ski has an area in the middle of the ski that sticks to the snow so you can propel the ski forward. This area is called the kick zone.


How should my gear fit?

Skis are fit based on skier weight, ability level and height. Skate skis are totally smooth tip to tail. Classic Skis have a kick zone that does not glide.  The kick zone is what allows the skier to weight the ski and propel themselves forward. Skate poles should come up to between your upper lip and nose when you are not standing on your skis. If in doubt, error on the longer side. Poles can always be cut, but not lengthened. Classic poles should come to your shoulder when you are not standing on your skis. Skate boots are higher on the ankle than classic boots. Skate Boots will have a strap around your ankle to offer ankle support. Both Skate and Classic boots are comfortable fitting. They should fit similar to a running shoe. They may be smaller than your regular shoe size because once you start skiing and flexing your ankles your heel will begin to slide back into heel pocket of your boot giving your toes a bit more room. Make sure your boots are not too big.  


What should I wear? 

Think layers!  It can feel cold at the start, but you will warm up quickly, so having layers to remove is helpful. You may start with a heavier outer layer at first and soon be in a light weight jacket and pant that one would wear hiking, winter cycling, or running.  A hat or headband and less bulky gloves are also essential.  A neck gaiters is also nice.


Do I need my own pass?

We try to ski all around town.  If we ski where there is a fee, you will need to purchase a day pass. Jeremy Ranch, White Pine and Soldier Hollow all require a pass. If you have a seasons pass or punch pass, you will not need to purchase a day pass.


Do you coach all levels of skiers?

Yes, we welcome all levels of skiers.  We coach from Never Evers to Advanced.


Where can I rent or buy gear?

There are two places in Park City and one in Midway that has gear to rent or buy. 


Where do we meet?

We try to meet at different places around Park City. The meeting locations will vary depending on weather and conditions. 

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Winter disclosure:  We wish we could control the weather and the snow conditions, but alas we cannot. Refunds will not be issued for lack of snow. Our program will run regardless of snow levels.  You must cancel within 45 days of program start to receive a refund of your program price minus $15.00 cancellation fee.

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