"Yes, I'm a BETTIE.  Last year I signed up for the Betties, a women's only, 50 strong group for Nordic ski lessons once a week.  I had never touched a pair of Nordic Ski's but I wanted to learn this beautiful sport and enjoy Park City and all its  trails.  The ad offered ALL LEVELS so I signed up and started as a Beginner/Beginner.
From the very start of the program all the women and especially the instructors were off the chart wonderful.  Each week was a new adventure of different trails and skills, with encouragement along the way.  What a sight to see 50 women, mostly in pink hit the trails.  Along the way, I fell in love with the sport and even competed in a 5k race with Mountain Trails.  
It's very rare to find a group of women so full of knowledge and compassion for their life long sport and so willing to share that.  Each of the instructors had that compassion and shared their skills with kindness and an infectious enthusiasm.   So I'm a Betty, all dressed in Pink and ready for year 2 of my newfound sport.
Thanks GIRLS!!
~Kim Schreiber"
"Betties' Tuesdays were a must-do in my schedule this season:  offering a great workout; time to be outside; and an opportunity to learn a new skill; with a laid back culture created from solid coaches for women who all seemed to be there for some time for themselves in an empowering way."  
"We are so lucky to have the Nordic Betties program in Park City - it is an excellent community Nordic program for women of all ages and abilities who are interested in learning, practicing, and perfecting Nordic techniques and skills on a variety of developmental and competitive levels while having fun, meeting and greeting others interested in the same, and developing a lifelong love for Nordic skiing.The coaches are knowledgeable, supportive, positive and inspiring!"
Julie Glusker