A Little Background


Park City Nordic Betties grew out of the dream of providing the women of Park City a true team experience.  Annie had coached a similar program 15 years ago in Sun Valley, and Inge had taught women's clinics at White Pine Nordic.  Both had children actively participating in UOP/Park City Nordic Ski Club's youth programs, and both felt that the women of this community could really benefit from a similar experience.  


Annie and Inge's love of Nordic skiing brought them together, and the rest is history...


What You Should Expect

Park City Nordic Betties combines all the fabulous elements of a team, such as developing new friendships, providing and receiving support, and shared challenge under the enthusiastic eye of amazing coaches.  


Each week, we will meet at different trailheads throughout the area.  Within small ability based groups, coaches will guide and support you through the skill or goal of the day.  The goals and skills practiced week to week will be the same regardless of your ability, however, the way in which they are taught and practiced will vary group to group.  You are in control of the group which you choose to ski- sometimes you may want more of a challenge, or to have more intensive instruction.  The coach to skier ratio is usually 1/10.  


For our advanced skiers, this season we will continue to touch on technique and skills week to week, but will also be introducing more specific training and support.  


Where do we ski?

Betties try to ski throughout the Park City area.  Practices will rotate between White Pine Golf Course, Jeremy Ranch Golf Course, Round Valley (parking at Quinn's Junction), Willow Creek Park, and UOP (parking by PC Visitor's center round-about). 


Additional Clinics
Periodically, we will be hosting clinics.  Clinics are a social evening events such as "Ski Waxing 101", or "Preparing for Your First Race".  These are a great way to gain extra knowledge about ski preparation, equipment, racing and the "culture" of Nordic skiing.  


Equipment Required

Skis, poles, and boots are required for all Bettie ProgramsSkis can be purchased or rented at White Pine Touring or Jeremy Ranch Nordic.  The proper fit of equipment is imperative.  


Skate Ski Equipment is entirely different than Classic Ski Equipment.  Skis are fit based on skier weight, ability level and height.  Skate skis have a smooth base. Skate pole length should measure from the ground to between the skier's chin and nose when not standing on your skis. If in doubt error on the longer side. Poles can always be cut, but not lengthened. Classic poles should come to the top of your shoulder. Both Skate and Classic boots are comfortable fitting, but snug.  They may be smaller than your regular shoe size. Once you start skiing and flexing your ankles your heel will move into the back heel pocket of your boot giving your toes a bit more room. 


*While we all want to save money, your equipment can make or break your experience, so make sure the fit is correct for you!