What You Should Expect

Park City Nordic Betties combines all the fabulous elements of a team, such as developing learning new skills, new friendships, providing and receiving support along with shared challenge under the enthusiastic eye of amazing coaches.  


Equipment is not provided 

Skis, poles, and boots are required for all Betties Programs. We do not provide equipment. Skis can be purchased or rented at White Pine Touring or Jeremy Ranch Nordic.  The proper fit of equipment is imperative.  

Skate Equipment versus Classic Equipment

Skate Ski Equipment is entirely different than Classic Ski Equipment.  Skis are fit based on skier weight, ability level and height.  Skate skis have a smooth base. Skate pole length should measure from the ground to between the skier's chin and nose when not standing on your skis. If in doubt error on the longer side. Poles can always be cut, but not lengthened. Classic poles should come to the top of your shoulder. Both Skate and Classic boots are comfortable fitting, but snug. You do not want your foot moving around in your boot. Once you start skiing and flexing your ankles, your heel will move into the back heel pocket of your boot giving your toes a bit more room.  


**Your equipment can make or break your experience, so make sure the fit is correct for you. 


Where do we ski?

Betties try to ski throughout the Park City area.  Different groups will meet at different locations. Nordic skiing continues to increase in Park City and our hope is to show you some of the options.  Meeting spots are dependent on weather and track conditions.  


Do we need to buy a pass?

We try to ski all around town.  If we ski where there is a fee, Jeremy Ranch or White Pine, you will need to purchase a day pass.  If you have a seasons pass or punch pass, you will not need to purchase a day pass. When you are skiing with The Betties, a Day pass at White Pine is $10 and a day pass at Jeremy Ranch is $5.