Date                                        Location                                                            Additional Details 


12/12/17                               White Pine Nordic                                         1st day of practice! 


12/19/17                               White Pine Nordic


12/26/17                     No Practice during Holiday Break................


1/02/18                                  Jeremy Ranch Golf Course--we will meet on the lower trails,  past the Clubhouse and down the hill on Jeremy Ranch Rd.   Parking will be on Jeremy Ranch Rd. about 1.5 miles North of the Clubhouse by East Canyon


1/9/18                                    Jeremy Ranch Golf/ Nordic            Park at the Clubhouse!!  


1/10                                     Classic Skiing Cancelled today!!          

                                              Newbie Skate White Pine Cancelled today! 


1/16/18                                White Pine Nordic


1/17/18           Classic Betties: 9:30am White Pine Nordic

                         Newbie Betties:  10:00am White Pine Nordic


1/23/18                    Round Valley-Quinn's Junction Trailhead                 Parking in lot between dog park and Ice Arena


1/24                 Classic Betties:  9:30am Jeremy Ranch Golf/Nordic         Park at Clubhouse

                         Newbie Betties:  10:00 Round Valley Quinns' Junction Trailhead


1/30/18                   Round Valley-Quinns' Junction Trailhead


1/31                Classic Betties:  9:30 Jeremy Ranch Golf-Parking beyond Clubhouse on road

                        Newbie Betties:  10:00 Round Valley Quinns' Junction Trailhead


2/6/18                              CANCELLED


2/7/18               Classic 9:30 White Pine

                          Skate 10:00 White Pine


2/13/18               White Pine Nordic


2/14/18        Classic 9:30 White Pine

                          Skate 10:00 White Pine

2/20-2/21 No Practice


2/27/18              Highlands Drive Trailhead-Round Valley


2/28                   Classic Betties:  9:30 White Pine FARM.  Park on Meadows Drive by the McPolin Barn

                            Newbies:  10:00 Round Valley, Quinn;s Trailhead


3/6/18               Betties' Egg Hunt!  10:00am     White Pine Nordic

This is a celebration for all Betties-Tuesday and Weds, Classic, newbie and regular 10 week programs.  Following will be a Chili lunch at Annie's house:  995 Old Ranch Road